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Health Links

We would like you to be able to optimize your health.  Hopefully, these links will help you on your journey.

Incredible health benefits of plant-based nutrition:

Notable Movies:

  • What the Health – Available on Netflix, Amazon Video or Google Play
  • Forks over Knives – Available on Netflix, Amazon Video or Youtube
  • Food Inc. – Available on Netflix, Itunes, Amazon Video or Youtube
  • That Sugar Film – Available on Itunes, Amazon Video or Vudu

Resources for controlling pH, which is highly effective in decreasing the pain of arthritis or gout.  Always consult your physician prior to implementing any treatment protocol.

Muskegon Community Resources:

Exercise Science:

Mesothelioma Guide:

What our patients are saying...

The people here are all kind, caring people and are very good at their jobs.  I feel very comfortable and well taken of.  They all know their jobs very well.  It feels to me like a family place and everyone is treated that way.  I tell everyone if they need PT, this is the place to go and everyone I have sent here, agrees with me.

- Dean F.