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Referral Form

If you would like to be referred to our clinic for treatment, please feel free to print the attached form and present it to your physician.  He will fill out this form and send it to our office.  We will then schedule a timely visit with you.

Intake Form

Please feel free to print the attached intake form, fill it out, and bring it to your first visit.


Pelvic Floor Forms

If you are being seen for pelvic floor physical therapy, please download the applicable form(s) below and bring them to your initial visit.  Therapy related to bladder disorders require two days of a bladder diary.  If you are being seen for therapy related to dysfunctional bowel movements, please record up to 7 days prior to your initial evaluation (as you are able). If you have any questions, please feel free to call 231-744-0077.

What our patients are saying...

After a knee replacement, I went to Great Lakes for therapy.  I’m just about done but will be coming back after my other knee replacement. Coming to Great Lakes is like coming home.  Everyone know you by name when you sit down next to someone they introduce you to each other, they listen when things come up and help you each step along the way and explain what you are feeling as you are going through the healing process.  I just love going there because it seems more like fun rather than work.

- Vickie A.