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Neuromuscular Re-education

Neuromuscular re-education is a therapeutic technique that is similar to balance training and can be used to improve balance, strength, posture, proprioception and restore normal pain-free movement.

Neuromuscular re-education in a nut-shell is the process by which we restore normal muscle function and normal movement patterns.  To do so, we improve the function of nerves and muscles together as well as the order of muscles working together.  Perhaps you have seen someone who walks differently after a stroke, or a knee replacement, or even shoulder surgery.   Abnormal movement can be easy to recognize, the Gift is in restoring normal movements.  Treatment often consists of balance and core control activities, some manual techniques, and other therapeutic exercises that are designed to develop normal, controlled muscle movement. These approaches can be used for patients with spine-related symptoms, or for those with an underlying condition or anyone who is working to prevent recurrences or improve balance and safety when standing or walking.

What our patients are saying...

I have been with this physical therapy group off and on for many years (shoulder, knee, etc.). You cannot find a better group of people anywhere. Always smiling, always helpful, and always professional.

- Lynn C.