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Sports Therapy

Through 3D training you will return to what you enjoy faster and with a much greater decrease in probability of recurrence.

Step up your workout by training the same way your favorite athletes do: with three-dimensional moves that test everything from your flexibility to your agility. By blending the health-related components of fitness (like muscular strength and endurance) with the skill-related components of fitness (like coordination, power and speed) you get greater performance and joy in your area of expertise.  Through 3D training you will return to what you enjoy faster and your changes of recurrence will be greatly diminished.  Everyone enjoys movement, its just a matter of degree.

What our patients are saying...

After a knee replacement, I went to Great Lakes for therapy.  I’m just about done but will be coming back after my other knee replacement. Coming to Great Lakes is like coming home.  Everyone know you by name when you sit down next to someone they introduce you to each other, they listen when things come up and help you each step along the way and explain what you are feeling as you are going through the healing process.  I just love going there because it seems more like fun rather than work.

- Vickie A.