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Therapeutic Exercise

Therapeutic exercises are specific exercises, movements, or stretches meant to correct problems of the neuro-muskulo-skeletal systems.

The focus of therapeutic exercises is on regaining flexibility, strength,endurance and proprioceptive control to promote natural pain-free movement.  All of our therapists have advanced training in the diagnosis of deficits in movement patterns and how to treat these specific deficits with corresponding exercises.  Some patients tend to be apprehensive when hearing the word exercise, which is understandable because they are typically in pain.  We use movement to relieve pain first and then build stability or mobility after our patients pain has been relieved.

What our patients are saying...

The people here are all kind, caring people and are very good at their jobs.  I feel very comfortable and well taken of.  They all know their jobs very well.  It feels to me like a family place and everyone is treated that way.  I tell everyone if they need PT, this is the place to go and everyone I have sent here, agrees with me.

- Dean F.